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Most customers who like bamboo appreciate three main elements:
  1. Unique Look- bamboo, unlike some other species, can work well in houses ranging from sleek and contemporary to rustic and charming.
  2. Renewable resource- bamboo grows much faster then traditional wood species and is therefor considered a "green friendly" option by consumers worldwide.
  3. Density- stranded bamboo is so dense that some saw blades will often smoke as they are cutting it. It therefore is very durable and more resistant to typical wear and tear.
Bamboo, like hardwood, gives the house an inviting natural appeal. In addition to its unique appearance, many appreciate bamboo as more renewable resource. Stranded bamboo flooring in particular is very dense, so a homeowner that wants a flat streamlined floor will not have to be overly concerned with wear or denting.


Cabinetry is part of our designer services. Estimates are free. Elevations and design pages can be provided at a minimal charge, which is reimbursed when the cabinetry is purchased. We offer four main options.
  1. Re-Surfacing existing cabinets. With cutting edge preparation we can bring a new appearance to your cabinetry in either stain or paint. 
  2. Re-Newing existing cabinetry. This option replaces all doors and drawer fronts along with providing new panels real wood (painted or stained!)
  3. New Partial custom. We can order and install all new cabinetry based on the customer's design and the layout of their home. 
  4. Full Custom. Clients who have unique needs or wish to be very hands-on in the design of the cabinetry will often choose fully custom made cabinets. This allows for a unique personal touch on the finished products.


Cork flooring renews itself naturally. Trees are harvested in cycles of not less than nine years throughout its lifespan, usually over 150 years without need of any chemical herbicides, fertilizers or irrigation. The stripping does not harm the tree, so no trees are cut.

Apart from its economical importance, the cork oak forest also supports great natural biodiversity, including wildlife, pastures and aromatic shrubs.

As you would guess, cork has an inviting feel. While softer than traditional wood species, it has remarkable 'recovery' properties from both wear and moisture introduction.


We offer a wide variety of solid countertops and have free estimates on countertops. Hundreds of natural granites are available to us in a great variety of colors and movement. In quartz we feature Cambria, Pental, Caesarstone, and Silestone. We offer expert advice on which choice will fit with the homeowner and their house.

Flooring Supplies

We have cleaning and maintenance products for carpet, wood, vinyl, laminate, granite, grout, and more. Spot removers are a must for carpet. Many purchased at a local grocery store may remove the 'spot', but they often remove the stain resistance. Stain removers made by the same company that made the 'stain-resistance' is recommended. For Shaw, R2X is a must.

Radiant Heating

On a cold coastal morning, the feel of a warm tile to your feet is truly a "good morning." With a reliable and programmable floor thermostat, you can be assured of this morning welcome with an economically efficient system. We offer and install systems that can be installed under tile (even shower floors) as well as laminates and some wood flooring.


Proper underlayment is essential for a new floor. There are a great variety of underlayments available and we offer expert advice on which one will offer the best performance for the customer's finished surface.

Window Treatments

Window treatments uniquely bring a design to the home while also affecting the "ambience" because of controlling the natural light filtration. We offer free estimates for window treatments and can also install. We offer Graber window treatments.