• Why does it matter where one purchases carpet? Why should someone buy carpet from you instead of your competitors?

    Few things frustrate shoppers more than waiting or searching for help. We strive to be there for the customer when they walk through the front door. Our store is dedicated to the specialty of interior surfaces, not selling hammers, plants, and lumber. 

    Most carpet shoppers focus on looks, feel, and price. While these are important features, there is more to consider. Our staff gives efficient guidance on the many features of carpet that bring a beautiful new look not just for day one, but also the years to come.

    Home improvement should be pleasurable and satisfying, not laborious and exhausting. 

  • What is the value of having carpet in a room? 

    Carpet is soft, comfortable, and warm. Many customers envision the first foot to touch the floor in the morning. Some think of the grandchildren sitting on the floor for movie time.

    There are so many unique colors, patterns, and textures available in carpet. New carpet is often the most solution to getting a look that fits a customers design personality. 
  • How has carpet changed over the last several decades?

    Everyone knows that the computers and mobile phones of today are superior to those of twenty or thirty years ago. Less people are aware of the research and development that have vastly improved carpet in that same time frame. 

    Customers deserve to be guided towards carpets with improved construction of yarn, backing, dyes, and stain resistance. 
  • What needs to be considered when choosing between different carpeting options? 

    There is more to carpet than color, feel, and price. Will it meet the particular needs of the customer and their unique family, guests, and perhaps pets? Will it contribute to the 'feel' and ambience that the customer would like? Will the manufacturer stand behind the product?
  • Do you (or can you) set up the disposal of old carpet? Is there a charge?
    Our teams are equipped to remove and dispose of the existing flooring. Most customers view the charge for this service as relatively small and will save themselves much hassle by having the equipped and efficient installer handle the removal and disposal. 
  • What care and maintenance tips do you recommend so that each customer gets a long life out of his or her carpet? 

    Our staff can professionally advise customers on several simple tips to keeping there floor beautiful. One of the most common recommendations; use the recommended stain remover solution when the need arises.